Newton, Heather. Points of View: Music Censorship: an Overview.

Topics: Mass media, Civil liberties, Federal Communications Commission Pages: 1 (326 words) Published: November 7, 2010
This article was written by Heather Newton to address the issue(s) of music censorship. Newton shares a neutral point of view, meaning her standpoint does not favor pro-censorship or anti-censorship. She mentions her concern within freedom of expression and how it related to music censorship. “Since music censorship raises issues related to fundamental liberties and government intrusion, any efforts to quell musical expression are viewed by critics as being suspect and incompatible with civil liberties in the US.” Her intentions with this statement clearly represent her thoughts about our freedom guaranteed in the first amendment. Censorship is basically the prohibition of explicit content on any form of public material that can be viewed by all audiences. Whether it is lyrics to a vulgar song, the details in an album cover, or just the title to what people may call, “today’s hit”, these topics can be noticed as “explicit” issues. The media plays a huge role in determining what songs should be censored. In doing so, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), an agency directed by Congress that regulates forms of media, chooses which material must be “censored”. Newton states that in order to comply with the standards of the FCC, songs containing “explicit” language are replaced with radio-edit versions of those specific songs. This process includes removing words completely from the song or replacing the words with similar sounding words or sound effects. This association makes a great statement across the music industry, even though not everyone will agree. I personally feel people have the right to express themselves freely, because it is up to everyone else whether they listen to the song or change the station. Since a young adult I am willing to expose myself to the diversities uncensored music and what it has to offer. Perhaps in the future my preferences may change, but at this moment I feel that expression is the primary source contributing to...
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