Newton's Law of Motion

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Law of motion
Newton’s first law of motion: Law of inertia
Newton’s second law of motion: Law of acceleration
Newton’s third law of motion: Law of interaction

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Law of Inertia

A person sitting in a vehicle at rest has his whole body at rest. When the vehicle suddenly starts moving forward, the lower part of in contact with the vehicle moves forward. But the upper part of the body continues too remain at rest due to inertia. As a result, the person has a tendency to fall back.

Law of Inertia

The coin drops into the tumbler. When we flick the cardboard the cardboard moves fast whereas the coin continues in its state of rest and hence drops into the tumbler.

Law of Inertia

A roller coaster has inertia. When it starts a drop it wants to continue moving in the same direction at a constant speed. It doesn't however because the tracks act as an outside force and change the roller coaster car's direction. Law of Acceleration

We see in the picture that the boy that pulls the heavier stone is more force exert. Heavier objects need more force.

Law of Acceleration

The boy needs more force to accelerate faster the object. The more force you exert, the more acceleration.

Law of Acceleration

We see in the picture that the fat boy is suffering, so, it stayed that heavy mass will move slower and need more force than to a light mass.

Law of interaction

When you strike the nail with a hammer, the hammer exerts a downward force on the nail. The nail in turn, also exerts a force on the hammer.

Law of interaction

The forward movement of the rocket is the reaction force. The expulsion of exhaust gases from the rear is the action force. Law of interaction

The boy hits the ball and the ball hits the bat, then they go...
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