Newspapers: Process of Selecting Stories

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what to print in a newspaper. What factors do you think influence their decisions? Do we become used to bad news? Would it be better if more good news was reported? News editors decide what to broadcast on television and what to print in a newspaper. There are two factors that influence their decisions. The first is the kind of customers they aim at. Becauseeach kind of readers and watchers has its own features. For example, if your customers are almost entirely teenagers, you have to concentrate on something attracting them such as stories, photographs of singer stars, film stars, funny tales, and fashion. Itwill be very silly if you try to provide teenagers with economic orpolitic news. On the contrary, besiness men and politicians may never read news about James Blunt or Keira Knightley. Therefore, what influences news editors’ decisions the most is the taste of their customers.

The second factor is the hot, the attraction of the news. Who will reads or watch your news if it happened a year or a month ago or even last week? The answer is nobody absolutely. In the energetic and competitive world nowadays, people always ask for a reallynew news. So that to satisfy customers, there is a pressure on all editors to find continually what has already happened not only yesterday but even an hour ago. Or else, they may lose their customers. None of editors wants that bad future. On television or in newspaper, we seem to become used to bad news. It is a little of difficult for us to come across a piece of good news. We can’t deny that bad things occur on Earth day by day. However, news editors try to gain more and more customer, which means more and more money, using bad news as a magnet.Because bad news makes us curious. We want to know why it is bad, what it is about, whether it influences us or not. As a result, we will buy newspapers or watch television to find out. And the happiest people are, of course, news editors. I think it would be better if more good...
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