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Though we are at the apex of electronic media, it’s amazing to see how people are attracted to newspapers. It is because newspapers have something for everyone to read. There are different types of newspapers as well. There are some, which news and other important events and published daily. There are others, which are published weekly.

Newspapers have several features that capture the interest of the readers in all walks of life. The main purpose of a newspaper is to announce news. Apart from social issues, sports, business, arts and so on.

Advertisements are the most important part of a newspaper. They not only add colors to the papers but also earn a large income to run the today’s newspapers we can see a large number of an advertisement, which advertise from a needle to the most luxurious car that is available in the market. There they help the readers to choose item they need. The advertisement also advertise very useful services

The editorials is also ready by many people. It is usually written by the editor of the paper an =d the topic is always something of the current interest. But the editorial should always be informative, and unbiased. The feature articles also talk about important topics. Therefore y reading we can always be well informed.

Most newspapers have something for the children to learn. This place, where children’s articles and articles for children are published is called the children’s corner. It is very important for the students to gain knowledge. The other simple reason for the popularity of newspapers is that it is cheap and easily available in comparison to the electronic media, which is costly and not accessible unless we have the electricity. Therefore newspapers can reach every nook and corner of the country. Thus we can assume that newspapers will be with us forever.

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