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Project Report
Business Research
Newspaper Reading Habits & Interest

Submitted To: Submitted By: Dr. Veena Dutta Abhi Mishra Abhishek Parwal Akash Sharma2

Neeraj Nagori
Saurabh Parwal
Sandeep Gupta
This project is a part of Post Graduation Diploma in Management, academic year 2012-14. The project gives us an opportunity to study the reading habits and interest among the newspaper readers. It also helps us to understand the choices made by the readers regarding newspaper selection. The project is based on READING HABITS AND READING INTEREST. The major concern regarding this study was studying the customer habits and preferences. This project helps us knowing the difference in reading habits of readers, there interest, keeping in mind the different age group. The report is an outgrowth of our study in concern to our subject Business Research. Keeping in view the importance of Research. An attempt has been made to examine the reader’s interest and habits. It also contains the brief description of brand preferences and newspaper reading habits.

“Debts can be certainly repaid, but cooperation extended and the guidance given by someone can never be repaid.” It was a great pleasure to have a small but precisions time in working with this with project. We take this opportunity to extend our gratitude towards all those people who have directly or indirectly contributed to this project. We the student of IILM-AHL are very grateful to the entire respondent for providing us the bases to complete this project. We deeply express our gratitude to Dr. Veena Dutta, for giving us the maximum co-operation without which, the project would have been impossible.

* Executive summary
* Introduction
* Problem Statement
* Objective
* Rational of Study
* Research Methodology
* Questionnaire
* Data Analysis & Findings
* Recommendation & Coclusion

Executive Summary
In this project, we have tried to study the reading habits and interest of readers. To be more precise we have penned down to know the brand preferences and readers interest, so that we can evaluate choice of newspaper selection and the interest sections. This project report would help us to know the selection criteria for newspaper and customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction behind it. It contains detailed information regarding data collection process, sample size and following information. In the starting of the project there is a brief introduction given on the report topic, followed by the entire research details and constraints. And at the end there is a conclusion given on the learning’s that have been gained by us from this information collection task.

Title: A Study On The Reading Habits & Interests Among Newspaper Readers The research is been conducted to Study the Reading Habits & Interests Among Newspaper Readers. Under this research the habits and taste and prefrence of customers are being studied. The reseach serves two purpose first, to check the people are habits towards newspaper reading and secondly which newspaper and which section of the newspaper attracts them the most. Under this study data is being collected from the responedent, a number of 45 repondent are being questioned on their habits and interests, through means of questionaire. And qualitative measures are taken to study the data, and found out the reason behind likes and dislikes of respondent. Respondents are divided into different age group, to keep the data...
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