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What is Public Relations?

In a nutshell, Public Relations is getting editorial coverage of an event, product or person. The importance of public relations should never be underestimated. When the interest of local media is tapped an Internet Consultant establishes the credibility of having an independent third party declaring that what they are doing is unique and worthy of attention in the greater community. Public Relations is also an excellent source for new business sales leads.

For many people the distinction between editorial coverage and advertising is non-existent. Having said that, the difference is real, and when it comes to media, what you don’t pay for is far more valuable than what you do pay for. When buying an ad you are in control. You pay for the size of the ad you want, and you decide the words you want to use. But the public can tell the difference between a paid advertisement and a legitimate story in print, radio or on television.

When approaching the media for a story, you are not totally in control. While this presents a few challenges, the rewards are worth much more than any kind of paid advertisement can ever bring. Remember that when seeking out media attention you are looking to get the all important third party endorsement that what you are doing is newsworthy. However, convincing media organizations that what you are doing is newsworthy can be difficult.

So how does one go about getting editorial coverage? Well, the simple answer is you have to have news. Good press is great publicity.

What is news?

This is the big question, and one that can be very difficult to answer, as newsworthiness changes from country to country and even from journalist to journalist. What might be news to you may have zero appeal to the media in your area. That is why it is important when looking for coverage to always separate yourself from your role as an Internet Consultant. Look at what you are doing from the perspective of a disinterested third party. If you were not a Worldsites Consultant, would you care? If the answer to this is yes, then by all means go forward.

Currently the media is having a hard time finding the real news in our wired world. This is evident in the types of stories making their way into the paper. The easiest story to write is about how much money is being made. Make the case that you are making other people money, and you may have a story. Selling yourself as the story may be very hard unless you have an interesting angle.

As with selling any Internet Business Solution, your first priority when seeking out publicity, should be to researching the media in your area. This will help you to understand what kind of news different outfits are looking for.

At this point in the Internet revolution there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of companies trying to establish themselves as interesting enough to warrant serious media attention. The only way to make your venture stand out is to make your story more interesting than the others.

One final consideration regarding news. When sending media information, a balance is always important. News about your Worldsites franchise may be exciting to you, but have little or no news value to the audience at large. However, things like the World Merchant System, Search Engine Optimization, and Live Call hold general interest as Internet tools and consequently give your story a broader appeal for one very important reason – you are capable of providing a benefit to the audience. In the media’s eye this is a good thing. So any time you can provide some kind of benefit to readers, or viewers, the chances of you securing a story are very good.

Research your media

At some point you have to define yourself as really interesting and move ahead. Don’t be afraid to call up the media. You will need to find out who in your...
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