News Perspective

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News Perspective
Anita LaGrone
April 27,2015
Shaniece Brickham

News Perspective
It would be impossible for most people to live even one day without mass communication, and yet, many people know little of how the media work and how it influence their lives positively and negatively. However, society has always needed effective and efficient means to transfer information in which mass communication media is the result of this need. Mass communication plays a significant role in modern society. For instance, broadcasting of news and other accurate information represents one of the functions of mass communication. People now days have an abundance of sources at their disposal for acquiring news, in particularly, television medium leads all other sources. Television is the main place people say they turn to for news about current events (55%), leading the Internet, at 21%. Much less, 9% say newspapers or other print publications are their main news source, followed by radio, at 6%. However, getting this news is a different take. Who brings us this new? That would be a Journalist. A journalist’s job is to present a well-adjusted report of current events that happens through out the world. News perspectives transferred in a televised and online broadcast are normally colored by the reporter’s conscious choice to present the news under a particular light, indulging in the use of marketing tactics to gain market share, and the use of chosen sources to corroborate the story. In addition, the deadlines imposed on journalists to bring a story to the public may preclude sufficient gathering of relevant detail and facts to present a balanced report, thus distorting the news perspective given to the audience.

Marketing Perspective
The reason for examining news perspectives, the television newscast CNN Newsroom (CNN, 2013) and the online version of Fox News (Fox News, 2013) were viewed. Both media formats use similar marketing strategies to attract and gain audiences. Both newscasts include the wide use of visual aids to punctuate the facts provided in the report. For example, the use of live video, photographs, charts, and graphs provide the newscasts with varied methods to convey the information. The different visual aids appeals to different audiences based on how they prefer to receive news. Further, both CNN and Fox News programs feature human interest, entertainment, pop culture, and sports reports to reach wide and varied audiences. The visual appeal of the products, the news programs, coupled with the various news content provides the media with marketing strategies to increase audiences. Sources, Bias, Improving Balance

A notable difference observed between the televised CNN news broadcast and the online Fox News program were the identification of the sources used in the news reports. CNN consistently identified the sources and experts used in the reports. It appeared that although CNN usually consulted with sources on both sides of the issues, the reports typically provided more weight to particular news perspectives. For example, one CNN (CNN, 2013) story relative to gun control failed to provide a perspective for gun rights. The entire news report featured television news personality Piers Morgan and his opinion on gun control. The report lacked the gun advocate perspective and touted the opinions of a television personality who has no expertise in the issue, which infers bias and a lack of credibility in the report. Instead, the journalist should consult with experts representing both sides of the issue to provide more balanced reporting. Facts and figures from reliable and credible third parities will also improve fairness in reporting. Fox News (Fox News, 2013) appears to rely on single sources per news report to comment on the issues, which causes one to wonder if the network provides balanced reports. Although the sources consulted are appropriate, the news organization should gather...

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