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Answer each question below. Answers should be approximately 100 words per question.

1.What are the primary roles of media delivering news to the public

The primary roles of media delivering news to the public are to inform, explain, update, educate, and entertain. The media wants to send the news out to the public. This means citizens; including members of the news media should be respectful of readers and tell the truth at all times. People want quick and truthful information on what is happening in the world. With today’s technology; the Internet is a good source to receive quick and easy information. Radio and newspapers are other ways to receive the news.

2.What is the significance of immediate news media delivery on culture?

The significance of immediate news media delivery on American culture is that immediate news does not always have the facts. Media news puts news online within seconds without thoughtful discussions. The pressure of journalists to tell magnificent stories has led to problems. Some of those problems include; made up facts, invented sources, stolen quotes from newspapers, and plagiarism. Also the significance is to have instant gratification; whether it is online communication of cell phones, or direct deposit of monies in a bank account. People today, do not want to wait for anything.

3.What are the social responsibilities of news media?
Social responsibilities of news media is to give out correct information. The duty of a journalist is to seek truth and provide a fair and comprehensive account of events and issues. Journalists should be honest, fair, and courageous in gathering, reporting, and interpreting information. Ethical journalists treat sources, subjects, and colleagues as human beings deserving of respect. To avoid conflict of interest; journalists should be free of obligation to any interest other than the public’s right to know. Today’s society is influenced by the role of the media leaving journalists accountable to their readers, viewers, listeners, and each other.

4.What are important ethical and legal considerations in the online world?

Plagiarism, cheating, and copyright infringement have been the three main issues concerning the online world. Plagiarism and cheating have been around as long as colleges have been around. Most of the information people read on the Internet has come from someone else and re-worded to look like the person came up with the information him or herself. A code of ethics should be established; defining what is acceptable behavior and takes the proper action against those that break the code. People who spend most of their time online should receive further education on the ethical and legal issues in the online world.

5.Describe the importance of ethical and legal compliance in online interactions.

One area that requires ethics in online interactions is covering the private lives of people who have become prominent in the news. These clashes with another part of the code: “The public’s right to know of events of public importance and interest is the overriding mission of the mass media.” Journalists routinely ride a line between these two codes of ethics leaning more toward the side of the public’s right to know. Reporters and editors should ask the ethical questions: What public good is served? What significant public knowledge will be gained through the exploitation of a tragic private moment? Journalism’s code of ethics also warns reporters and editors not to place themselves in positions that produce a conflict of interest. Conflict of interest can compromise the integrity of journalists and their employers. In terms of ethics, there are two positions; absolutist ethics and situational ethics. Absolutist ethics suggest that a society has laws, including honesty. In other words, the ends (exposing a phony clinic) never justify the means (using deception to obtain...
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