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Topics: Mass media, Conservatism, Fox Broadcasting Company Pages: 2 (778 words) Published: August 12, 2013
The news media is the main line of communication between the government and the people. There are many types of media to include: newspaper and magazine print; radio; as well as those on television which include the major networks and cable news sources. In an attempt to assess the media- its purpose, effectiveness, and validity as a ‘link’ between the citizens and the government, a unique assessment was completed on each of the types of media not only to analyze them but also to compare them against each other and their usefulness in conveying the message they are attempting to send. Major news sources such as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal don’t publicly announce that they have a primarily Conservative or Liberal bias, but after reading both periodicals, it was very clear which party that paper traditionally supports. This is important, especially since both of these newspapers are of a major market and have a huge number of people that read them every day. With all the different media sources today, it’s really hard to choose or figure out which is the best one. There are newspapers, magazines, radio stations, internet, and there is always television. How do you know which is the best source to get the most accurate information? In today’s world television has changed. Now with all the competition between the news shows, in addition to providing facts, broadcasters now reveal more opinion based reporting in their stories instead of facts. This trend is noticed in other media, such as, newspapers and radio stations as well. While opinion based reporting may seem appropriate for the major parties, what about the Independents, they traditionally want to hear the news in an unbiased form. Effectiveness is a key word in the role of media sources. Which one is most effective? In my opinion it would be an unbiased internet source. With the...
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