News and Politics in the 1920's

Topics: Warren G. Harding, Teapot Dome scandal, Radio broadcasting Pages: 3 (770 words) Published: May 12, 2003
News and Politics In the 1920's

The five years (1920-1925) chosen are exciting. There were presidents elected, one dying in office, baseball was still the national pastime, a major political scandal, and there were new inventions everywhere!

Although all of the events can be listed in chronological order and described as news, the 1920's had many exciting firsts. In telling about them, it seems to be better not to put them in any order. That makes them more interesting. That makes it easier to divide them into events. Those events make up the news, sports, industrial announce-ments, and political reports of the time.

Warren Harding walked a couple of miles down Pennsylvania Avenue on the day he was sworn into office. He appointed the Republican Senator Albert Fall from New Mexico to the Department of The Interior. Secretary Fall became one of the major scandal makers in U. S. History.

The Teapot Dome affair (named for an oil field in Wyoming) was about oil. Albert Fall believed that the Navy's oil reserves, still underground, should be available to the private enterprise. That was against the law, especially since it was done for a bribe.

Radio station KDKA out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was the first to make a broadcast in America. There were very few people listening! Radio receivers didn't exist for the general population. Americans soon caught on to the idea and demanded radio sets for their homes.

A previous World Series was scandalized by bribery. By 1921, "Shoeless" Joe Jackson, and eight others of the Chicago White Sox players were on trial. Baseball really took it hard. In that same year, baseball enjoyed the first radio broadcast of the World Series, and the Giants beat the Yankees.

Colonel Billy Mitchell decided to prove his theory of airpower to the big shots in 1921. Using German ships from the Great War, Col. Mitchell's bombers sank the former dreadnaughts pretty easily. Although he was correct, the "brass"...
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