Newcomers in Canada Job Market

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Shuo Zhang
Rose Caruso
October 01, 2012
Writing Assignment 1
Newcomers in Canadian Job Market
Nearly quarter million immigrations landed in Canada every year, most of those newcomers find that it is difficult to make a new life in Canada. High educated immigrants have lower employment rate is a widespread phenomenon in Canada. According to the “Educated new immigrants struggle to find work” in ProQuest, the article shows that newcomers are hardly to find jobs in their field, even they have foreign credentials. The author points out that those newcomers with degrees have lower employment rate than native-born Canadians. The article goes to say, some of those educated newcomers could only find low-skill and low-paid jobs, and the wage gap is ubiquity between newcomers and Canadian-born. The author considers that Canadian employers dislike hiring newcomers because newcomers do not have local network and education (Telegraph-Journal). Therefore, many struggles for new immigrants in Canadian job market may cause to low employment rate, high family pressure, and different education system. To begin with, there are a small number of jobs supplies to new immigrants. Unfortunately, some Canadian corporations unaware that hire new immigrants can help their business and reduce financial burden, so they deny hiring newcomers. First, the firms do not pay decent wage for newcomers, so large numbers of newcomers tend to wait for employment and apply government relief. Actually, domestic enterprises are hardly to balance their foreign employees’ skills and their salary, so they tend to offer lower salary than local workers at first. For example, average salary for Canadian workers in the core working age group is 23.72 dollars per hour, but the salary for immigrants in same condition is 2.28 dollars less. For university degrees holder, the salary gap is larger between native-born and newcomers (Telegraph-Journal). Second, local enterprises ignore...

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