New Zealand

Topics: New Zealand, Mount Everest, Edmund Hillary Pages: 3 (664 words) Published: February 16, 2015
New Zealand is an island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean. Capital : wellington
Population : 4.471 million (2013)
Environment: native forest, mountain, beaches, glaciers, and have been preserved by the people around the great top tourist attractions. Charming villages & vast untouched wilderness
The bay islands: most popular holiday destinations in new Zealand , contains 144 islands, many animals that live in the marine life, around these beautiful islands, are whales, penguins, dolphins, and the big marlin. New Zealand was discovered December 13, 1642

New Zealand main religion is Christians.
New Zealand had 245 species of birds breeding in new Zealand before human arrival New Zealand has abundant and diverse marine life, and whale watching and swimming with dolphins are two of our most highly recommended experiences , new Zealand is home to more species of penguins than any other country, new Zealand is home to the giant weta which is the heaviest insect in the world Government : unitary state, constitutional monarchy, parliamentary system Currency : new Zealand dollar (1 new Zealand dollar = 0.78 cents in us dollar) Top 5 earning new Zealand industries: 1. Mining 2. Electricity 3. Finance and insurance 4. Government administration and defence The most used language: English

1st explored by abel tasman , a Dutch navigator
Ruler : queen Elizabeth 2nd
Largest city : Auckland
The difference between Nashville, USA and Auckland, new Zealand is 19 hours That means when its 1:00am there its 8:00 pm here
Lowest point : taieri plains (-2m)
Highest point : mount cook (12,316 ft.)
Closes continent : Australia
Continent : Oceania
Climate : mild, In the North it's hotter, in the South it's colder The university of Auckland is new Zealand’s largest and highest ranked university. It is currently ranked at 92nd in the world for 2014/15. The school was established in 1833 and has more than 40,000 students. Sports: 1. Rugby 60% 2. Netball 49% 3....
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