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MRS M: Its only orange juice, Nena. I was preparing some for Kikay. She takes nothing else. She says that in New York nobody eats breakfast. Come along Totoy. NARRATOR 1: Exit Mrs. Mendoza and Totoy. Left alone, Nena and Totoy are silent for a moment. Tony is seated; Nena stands beside sofa. NENA: Well, Tony.

TONY: You shouldn’t come here Nena.
NENA: Oh, why not?
TONY: I haven’t talked with Kikay yet.
NENA: You haven’t talked to Kikay yet.! I thought you were here to tell her everything last night. TONY: I lost my nerve, I didn’t come last night
NENA: Oh Tony, Tony!
TONY (Irritated, imitating her tone too): Oh Tony, Tony! Use your head Nena. Whoever heard of a man breaking off his engagement with a girl! It’s not usual! And… my God… it’s not easy! NENA (Belligerently): Are you inlove with Kikay or with me?

TONY: Of course, I’m inlove with you, I’m engaged toy you. NENA (Bitterly): Yes… and you’re engaged to Kikay too!
TONY: But that was a year ago!
NENA (Flaring up): Oh, you wolf! (She flounces away, furious) TONY (Jumping up and following her): Nena, Nena, you know I love only you! I wish I had never told you. This is what I get for being honest! NENA: You call yourself honest? Getting me to fall in love with you when you still belonged to Kikay TONY: I thought I didn’t belong to Kikay anymore, and besides it was a secret engagement actually, after she left she didn’t answer my letter and so I considered myself a freeman. NENA (Sarcastically): And so you proposed to me!

TONY (Miserably): Yes…
NENA: Well, you better hurry, I’m getting impatient.
TONY: The trouble is, how can I talk to Kikay now?
NENA: Why not?
TONY: You are here, and Totoy is here. You don’t expect me ti jilt Kikay in front of everybody, do you? NENA: You want me and Totoy to clear out?
TONY: No… just give me a chance to be alone withy Kikay for a moment. NENA: I’ll take care of Totoy.
TONY: That’s good.
NENA: You just leave it to me.
NARRATOR 2: Totoy opens the door with tray on his head; glasses and a pitcher are on tray. TOTOY (Sailing): Puto kayo diyan, bili na kayo puto!
NARRATOR 1: Mrs. Mendoza appears in doorway, carrying a plate of sandwiches. MRS M: Listen everybody… here comes Kikay… but she prefers to be called Francesca. NARRATOR 2: She moves away from doorway and Kikayappears. Kikay is garbed in a trailing grown trimmed with fur at neck and hemline. From one hand she dangles a large silk handkerchief which she keeps waving about as she walks and talks. In her other hand she carries a very long cigarette holder with unlighted cigarette affixed. Kikay’s manner and appearance are to use a Hollywood expression “chichi like mad” KIKAY (Having paused a long moment in doorway, hands uplifted in surprise and delight) Oh hello, hello… you darling people! (She glides into room. Everybody else is too astonished to move) Nena, my dear… but how cute you’ve become! (She kisses Nena) And Totoy… my, how ravishing you look. (She walks all around apprehensive Totoy) Goodness, you look like a Tondo super-productio9n in Technicolor! Tony, my little pal of the alley… how are you? (She gives her hand to Tony) But sit down everybody sit down. NARRATOR 1: Her three visitors sit down. She sees the tray with glasses and pitcher on the table and throws her hands up in amused horro) KIKAY: Oh musy, mumsy.

MRS M: What’s the matter now?
KIKAY: How many times must I tell you, mumsy dearest, never, never to serve fruit juice in water glasses? MRS M: I couldn’t find those tall glasses you brought home MRS M (Approaching and kissing her mother): Oh, my poor li’l mumsy… she is so clumsy, no? But never mind here sit down. MRS M: No, I must be going to market.

KIKAY: Oh, mumsy, don’t forget my celery. I can’t live without celery. I’m like a rabbit… munch, munch all day as she said to her visitors. MRS M: Well, people if you will excuse me…
KIKAY (Gesturing makeup): And remember, mumsy… a little bloom on the lips, a little bloom on the chicks. MRS M: Oh,...
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