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New Yorker in Tondo is a story of a girl named Kikay who went to New York to study Hair Culture and Beauty Science. Upon going home after a year, she acquires all the New Yorkish things like style, language, looks and manner. She even influenced her mother with her way of living.

One day, Tony visited her for he heard that Kikay has already arrived. Tony was Kikay’s sweetheart and they got secretly engaged before Kikay left. While waiting for Kikay to wake up, Totoy and Nena also came. Totoy and Nena were also Kikay’s and Tony’s childhood friend.

Upon waking up, Kikay immediately entertained her friends. They are all shock of what they’ve seen. Kikay was transformed into a different girl. She doesn’t want to be called as Kikay instead she wants everybody to call her Francesca. She tells them everything she experienced in New York and she even keep on comparing New York from Tondo.

When Kikay and Tony had the chance to be alone, Tony was trying to open the issue of them being engaged before she left. But Kikay didn’t want to listen; instead she keeps on ignoring Tony and even told him that being engaged to him is just a childish act. She even degraded Tony by telling him, “Imagine a New Yorker marrying a Tondo boy!” Tony gets irritated of what Kikay acted, so he confronts her, reprimands her and tell her that New York didn’t bring her any good.

Kikay realizes everything that Tony said. She asks for forgiveness and promises him that she will go back to her original self. She even said that Francesca is dead and who’s standing in front of him is Kikay. Tony forgave her and they went back to each other’s arms.
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