New York vs. Donna Osborne

Topics: Abuse, Domestic violence, Child abuse Pages: 3 (945 words) Published: December 21, 2010
The Osborne’s at the time of the murder were currently married and were living together the night of the murder. At the crime scene there was Clint Osborne found dead with two 9 mm bullet wounds. One in the heart and one going through the aorta. Reported the Mr. Osborne died 2 minutes after the shooting took place. On the bullets there were 3 sets of fingerprints, including both Donna and Clint’s prints and one that was smudged and couldn’t be deciphered. Donna Osborne is going into trial with Murder 2nd degree with the intent to cause murder.

Chris Powell’s Statements
On February 7th he reported to a call about a dispute at the Osborne’s household. When he arrived he notice Mrs. Osborne very upset and had a gash to her forehead. He said Mrs. Osborne was silent and said she was okay. Even though it did not look like she was.

Then on February 15th he reported to a 911 dispatch to the Osborne’s home. Upon arriving he found Mrs. Osborne with a gun at her side. Then Mrs. Osborne admitted to killing her husband Clint. With the excuse that he was going to kill her with a baseball bat and it was in self defense. Chris Powell believes that Mrs. Osborne was covering up for abuse with her husband near her. And that he did find a Louisville Slugger next to the dead Mr. Osborne.

Claire Osborne (Mother of Clint)
She stated that she spoke to Donna Osborne on the 15th. She said the Donna was saying how she thought marriage wasn’t what she thought it was and wanted out, that she wanted to

END her marriage. Claire believes that Donna killed him by intent, not in self defense. Also that all of her injuries were accidental and had plenty of chances to admitting to her that her son was abusing her. Claire also believed that Donna was not a good mother at all.

Dr. Leslie Crown
Dr Leslie crown stated that Donna Osborne has visited on four separate occasions for injuries. The first injury was for lacerations to her forehead, then for a fractured forearm, next for...
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