New World Settlement

Topics: Europe, Americas, Spain Pages: 3 (1230 words) Published: March 6, 2011
The New World was discovered by Spain’s Christopher Columbus in 1492. Many believed that the settlement of the Spanish in the New World was the original settlement. For many years before the arrival of the Europeans, various tribes were scattered all throughout the Americas. There was an estimated 10,000 people living in the Americas before the arrival of Columbus in 1492. America was not a virgin wilderness for nearly 12,000 years.

The Spanish were the first to arrive in the New World. They were quite amazed with what they had encountered. After seeing the New World, Columbus returned back to Spain to tell the king what he had encountered. The Spanish decided to invade, led by a man by the name of Cortes. Cortes arrived in the New World and saw the remains of the Ancient Mayans; Cortes was amazed. He became so amazed by what he saw, it grew to encourage him to explore and conquer the New World. In Cortes’ attempt to conquer, he was sent over to the New World on ships that consisted of nearly 300-400 men on each. When he arrived, he received a slave by the name of Malinche. Malinche was a slave for one of the tribes, and she spoke both Spanish and Aztec. Malinche did all of the translating for Cortes. As the Spanish traveled through the New World, Malinche and another Indian man helped Cortes understand what members of other tribes were saying by translating for him. The Spanish began to become afraid of people living in the New World and wanted to flee back to Europe. When Cortes found out that his men wanted to flee the New World, he tore apart all the ships so that they could not. The Indians thought of Cortes as a god, because according to their calendar at the same time they were expecting the arrival of gods. As Cortes traveled through the New World, he began encountering new groups of Indians and making many new allies. The people of the vassals did not like the Aztecs, so all of those who were vassals also decided to join Cortes and his man. After...
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