New Tracking Device Using GPS and SMS of GPS and GSM Enabled Devices

Topics: Navigation, Mobile phone, Latitude Pages: 3 (1044 words) Published: September 17, 2013
New Tracking Device Using GPS and SMS of GPS and GSM Enabled Devices

ALQUIROS, Mark Albert V.
School of Electrical, Electronics, and Computer Engineering
Mapua Institute of Technology, Intramuros, Manila

Abstract – Sited in this paper is a new and innovative way on dealing of theft. Not only just one specific type, but all of in a same category where in the lost / stolen object is a smartphone or has a GSM and GPS in general. They may say that the tracking device is an old device that was used many ways already but people now a day do not have the luxury of having them. Due to not seeing where they will use it or some tracking device are just really expensive. The concept of the New Tracking Device (from here on now will be called NTD) is really simple. You text the smartphone or the device the password which has GSM and GPS (as regarded earlier) that enables and triggers the GPS of the device that will get the location of the device (more specifically the longitude and latitude). Translates it to an SMS to send you text messages or notifications where is its whereabouts every 5 minutes. That simple.

Keywords – GPS; New Tracking Device; Longitude and Latitude

Losing valuable items are not new in today’s society and also getting it stolen. It is nothing to be ashamed of. Once in a while we tend to forget where we have placed an object that we have needed, a very pricey object that we don’t want to replace. In the other hand, crime in Philippines is not as good as other countries. Theft of cars, gadgets, smartphones and other devices had been in society even before the rise of technology. Losing a device in today’s era is like losing a driver’s license in the old days. It will make you incapable of going anywhere or for the present incapable of knowing your schedule that was saved on your calendar, the meeting you will have at lunch, etc. until you have a replacement to handle it, even some people...
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