New Technology Introduction and Implementation

Topics: Implementation, Introduction, Management Pages: 3 (1050 words) Published: May 17, 2010
New Technology Introduction and Implementation
Kellie Smith

New Technology Introduction and Implementation
As the demands of today’s society are increasing with production stress, Organizations are looking for more ideas to cut costs and remain competitive in today’s market. With the high cost of maintaining a competitive business in today’s economy, organizations dig deeper into ways in which the departments’ productivity, the company’s internal workings, and external factors affect production output. “The failure of U. S. firms to remain technology competitive contributes more to worker displacement and job loss than does the adoption of new technologies” (Flamm, 1988; Mowery, 1986; Cyert and Mowery, 1987). Eventually, a company has to make a decision that will increase production and decrease expenses. The implementation and introduction of technology begins to be considered. Once the decision is made to figure costs and cut expenses, the company can begin to look at which type of technology can help the process.

New technology is mysterious and like a new born baby. “The early stages of technology’s development are relatively skill- and- labor intensive” (Hoover, 1948; Utterback and Abernathy, 1975; Nelson and Norman, 1977; Markusen, 1984; Bartel and Lichtenberg, 1987). The company has to review the technology, read and see the capabilities of the technology, and make a decision if the new technology being reviewed is right for the demands of the company. Once the technology professionals make the decision to purchase the technology, the managers must determine when and how to introduce the technology to the employees and how to train the employees for the use of the technology. Technology is often implemented to make the quality of work-life easier and more productive. As a manager of a technology dependent organization, the proper introduction and implementation of the selected new technology becomes a success if done in the correct steps.

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