New Product Invented: Nom'Nom Cupcake

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I. Background of the Study

Nom’Nom cupcake is made for people who are fond of eating sweets such as cupcakes but also considering their diet and their health. So we have decided to arrive to an idea to have it a little bit of a twist. We combined fruits and vegetables in our cupcakes not just for a satisfying taste but also for good health benefits it can give to our bodies.

We, group of students, made this not just for the kids but also for teenagers as well as for adults. We, group of students, are selling our product for ages 4 to 12, teenagers ages 13 to 19, and also adults. For kids, they can feel a satisfying taste for its real fruit and vegetable bits. For teenagers and for adults, they don’t need to worry for their diets because we have the ingredients which contain L-Carnitine which is a good basis for reducing cholesterol and unwanted fats.

We end up selling this to the majority. It’s not just a satisfying and healthy snack but also an affordable one.

II. Current Marketing Situation

Nom’Nom Cupcake was founded a month ago by group of students who are currently taking Business Management at Ateneo de Davao University. Cupcake has been their personal favourite and is willing to have their own taste of cupcake which they will be sharing it to the majority by selling. Competition of our product is not a joke. We have a bug competitive advantage against big and famous companies. To gain a market share, the group must be able to target specific consumers that deliver benefits to each person who is going to avail the product.

Marketing Description

Nom’Nom Cupcake targets consumers at any generation. Nom’Nom Cupcakes offers affordable snack at an advantage of being healthy. This will also allow consumers to have the eagerness in buying products that are not still in fame but they’re rest assured that they are going to trust and believe in this product.

Nom’Nom Cupcake might seem very common but we have a lot of twist in our product that will surely make our consumers enjoy it. Real fruit bits, vegetable bits, sweet and yummy taste, softness of the cupcake at a very affordable price will be the reasons why consumers want to have and take the risk in availing our product.

Targeted Segment| Customers Need| Corresponding Features/Benefit| Children(Ages 4 to 12)| * Sweet Cupcake| * Satisfaction of the product| Teenager(Ages 13 to 19)| * Tasty cupcake * Affordable * Tasty appearance| * Rich in nutrients * Satisfy their hunger * Good for past times| Adult(Ages 20 above)| * Less calorie and sugar * Easy to chew * Healthy snack| * Helps avoid hypertension * Good for the eyes * Good snack for proper diet| Table: 1. 1 Segment Needs and Corresponding Features/Benefits of Nom’Nom Cupcake

Product Review

Our product, the “Nom’Nom Fruit Cupcake” has many health benefits because of the following: * It has carrots that contain beta-carotene that can prevent cancer. * The beta-carotene can be easily changed by our body into vitamin A, which is essential for healthy cell growth, strong immune system and protection against muscular degeneration (AMD). * The research also found that carrot contains bulk of folic acid, a group of vitamin B, which has good effect to fight against free radicals (substances that cause cancer) in our body. * The lignin found in carrot too, helps to strengthen our immune system to fight against cancerous cells. * Potash succinate, its anti hypertensive drug properties may also help to reduce the blood pressure. * It has Pineapple that contains a proteolytic enzyme bromelain, which helps in the digestion of protein. * It has also Papaya that contains the digestive enzyme papain that is why it is valuable for aiding digestion.

Competitive Review

Other company such as Goldilocks has increased competitive pressure in our company. Competition from these cupcakes for its great taste such as Lemon...
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