New Product Development for Marketing - New Toothbrush Proposal for Oral-B

Topics: Middle East, The World Is Flat, United Arab Emirates Pages: 2 (814 words) Published: January 11, 2011
Competition used to be between firms of same size and same capabilities, today the situation has changed and we can see competition between what is considered small and big firms and form different countries. The world is more globalized and flatter and big numbers of firms have equal resources and mean of production. According to Thomas Friedman there are reason behind a flatter world and reduced gap between firms in different countries (Insourcing, outsourcing, off shoring and supply-chain…). The concept of triple convergence is an addition reason for world flattener, the first convergence is when all ten flatteners work together to create a flatter, global playing field; the second convergence adopts new habits like moving from vertical to horizontal mean of creating value, in other words we must understand the process of new technology internally in a firm before the outcome reach the consumers, and finally the third convergence is the introduction of new people and tools in the production process and leads to more competition and connection between peoples. “Out of clutter find simplicity, from discord find harmony and in the middle of difficulty lays opportunity” (Einstein). All entrepreneurs and CEOs are reacting to the changes in the world in recent years and the flattening of the world; it is clear that small and big firms are running after economic growth but can they do it without change in their core ideology? What must firms do to stay in business in a flat world? There is evidence today that all kind of firms and big companies are almost using the same technologies, markets and research innovations; this would lead to a competition between small and local firm and other international firms and even competition between countries. “What is unique about the flat world is the degree to which individuals, or small groups, can now act and compete globally” (Friedman 2005 p 447). Innovation comes from creating an environment that encourages people to...
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