New Joe on the Block

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New Joe on the Block

1. What are the top three key decisions faced by Joe?

a. Joe has to decide the best location for his coffee shop
b. Joe needs the understanding of what makes a coffee shop popular c. Joe needs to know the coffee consumption pattern in United States. 2. What are the deliverables that an outside researcher should produce to help Joe with the Key decision?

An outside research deliverables should be able to provide information either through exploration or descriptive research about key problems faced by his client, “Joe”. The intelligence that resulted from such deliverables should produce information like right location for coffee shops e.g. commercial areas might be more suitable for coffee shops than residential areas, what affects the popularity of coffee shop, whether it is the brand, services, products, consumer behavior and to what extent these variables have on the popularity of the coffee shops, and lastly, how often people consume coffee and what affects their consumption habits.

3. How relevant are the coffee taste studies cited above? Explain some aspects of the coffee taste studies cited are relevant. The study that surveyed 100 consumers form a small organics shop provides some insight into the behavior of some adamant coffee drinkers, part of which can be used in understanding the attributes of popular coffee shops. The other studies show different opinion about coffee taste preferences from different locations. All these can provide some kind of understanding about the competitor’s landscape.

4. What flaws in the coffee taste studies should Joe consider in trying to weigh the merits of their results? The flaw in the first two taste studies is that the conclusions are based on opinion of single person and not a random sample that could reflect consistent pattern among the target consumers. Research experiment that involve just a customer rather than a sizable portion of the target population that has an equal...
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