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Topics: Water Pages: 2 (781 words) Published: May 21, 2010
It is recommended that every person should consume eight glasses of water a day. For this project, we are given the ability to create anything we wanted with the simple request that we highlight the affects it would have. If I could create anything in the world, I would pawn the invention of a machine that had the capability to filter and cleanse any scale of water at any given moment immediately. Now many people will say that I should create something beneficial to myself, such as a time machine, or a teleportation device of some sort. But one of the major benefits of this machine is that not only does it benefit every person individually, but it benefits our entire world on a grander scale. One of the key elements that this machine can do, is it can cleanse and purify any amount of water, meaning, it will be able to filter masses of water such as beaches and rivers. Due to the fact that the Earth’s surface is compromised of seventy percent water, many people lack to realize that water is such a key component in our lives.

The human body can live without food for a month, but can only survive without water for a week. Now this machine will benefit the individual on personal scale by allowing every person to have safe, consumable water regardless of their location. In public places, there are opportunities to drink water from water fountains. But the cleanliness of the water coming from these drinking fountains is typically a concern that many people have. When people swim for hours at a time, they become dehydrated craving water. But the consumption of chlorine-infested water or beach water is never known to be safe for anyone. Now with the ultimate water purifying machine, water can be easily accessible for anyone at anytime. Thus, this supports the hydrating of everyone as well as the steady inclination of water consumption.

The United States utilizes about three-hundred and forty six million gallons of fresh water every day. Fortunately for our nation,...
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