New Information Technologies: Latest Trends

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New Information Technologies
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New Information Technologies
Information Technology (IT) is enriched with opportunities and has become one of the most well known industries for never ending change. For anyone working with or involved in IT today the pace at which technology changes is frighteningly fast. A technology that is leveraged today could be completely outdated in only a few years. The ability to quickly learn and adapt to these new technologies will provide both individuals and companies with the ability to succeed. Failure to maintain the pace of new technology as it evolves will simply provide an opening for other competitor to embrace this new technology before you. Information Technology Virtualization

One of the newest trends in IT is the use of virtualization. Before the advent of virtualization companies would spend considerable amounts of money on individual servers with which they used to both store information and run their applications. Each of these servers came at what might appear to be a relatively affordable upfront cost but the ongoing cost of maintaining those servers including power and people to manage and repair them resulted in a significant cost for all companies. A better way to manage these servers was developed with the ability to take a single server and virtualized it into a number of logical servers each appearing to the user as a single computer. This eliminated the need for individual servers for every project in the organization and provided a method by which one server could meet the needs of many different groups within the organization (Search, n.d.). The beauty of this approach is that to the technology teams these servers appear as a server dedicated only to them. Because servers aren’t used at 100% utilization at all times the ability to virtualize saves cost and provides ample computing power as needed. These...

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