New India

Topics: Rural area, Poverty, Rural Pages: 3 (1119 words) Published: March 29, 2011
New India

The hit-film slumdog millionaire is a well-known film about three children from the slums. Many people have watched this film, and although its storyline is thrilling, the perceptions it gives about India as a whole being poor and dirty and that everyone is a thief, killer or prostitute are misleading; although the slums are poor and dirty, not everyone in India lives in a slum. Not everyone who does live in a slum is a thief and will do anything for money, and many people in India are well-enough off and have ‘normal’ lives like the western world does. Fashion is becoming a huge part of New India and the western fashion is becoming more and more popular than traditional Indian clothes. India’s fashion imports are rising by 11% a year. This shows that India’s economy is expanding because the country can now spend money on luxury clothing like Gucci and Giorgio Armani where as before they could not. 350 million Indians also speak English as well as their native language and as English is the world’s main trading language; this means that they can easily trade and communicate with more economically developed countries (MEDCs) who can help them develop. India is a huge part of the IT industry; 40% of the world’s IT industry is based in Bangalore. This and other factors mean that India’s economy is rapidly expanding. You may have heard it said that India is at the centre of the world and this is true geographically and economically. India has had an open economy since 1991, meaning that Trans-national companies (TNCs) can set up centres and factories there. This generates a lot of income for India as 30 major multi-national firms like Lloyds TSB have Indian call-centres and lots of TNCs like Chanel and Coca-Cola have factories there. India is an attractive place for TNCs to set up a factory because in India there are over 1.1 billion people and a high percentage of these people are of legal working age. Many of these people work for little...
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