New Home, New Life

Topics: English-language films, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Tercel Pages: 2 (907 words) Published: October 8, 2013
 New Home, New Life At a young age growing up and being on my own was all I dreamed of until that day arrived. Growing up and moving away, I thought I had reached the ultimate marking point in my life. In reality it was just the beginning to the life I controlled. My emotions were rolling in realization that freedom was soon going to be in my grasp as I packed up my room , started the route to my future, and began the slow process of settling into my new home which was the most exciting and frightening moment in my life. The exciting and frightening parts was moving into my own place, making my own rules, and experiencing things I never had before.

The day before I left for college was a day I will never forget for everything I had worked for was finally here.. Emotions were haywire as everything I knew was packed away into boxes. After hours of packing, I had never seen my room so inhabitable; a few old hangers and some old clothes were all that was left to show my existence in those bare four walls of what used to be my room. Up until that day, my mom always spoke of me moving out, but standing there in the doorway of my room all she could say was it all came too soon. The only unpleasant part of the day was the process of loading the many things I probably did not need into the not very spacious trunk of my Toyota Corolla. My mother being the uptight person she is scolded me about the amount of unnecessary amount of things I take with me everywhere I go, but I am a girl that appreciates my materialistic things every now and then. Finally, after the help of my best friend, my belonging s was loaded into the trunk of my Corolla which could have been mistaken for a low rider from the way it was sagging under the weight.

By the time I was all set and ready, it was eleven o’clock, and I knew my bed was calling my name. Seven a.m. came faster than expected, and I hopped out of bed,...
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