New Historicism: An Analysis Of 'New Historicism'

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identified in various works by critics published during 1970’s. But the term ‘New Historicism’ is accurately coined by the American Critic Stephen Greeblatt in his book ‘Renaissance Self – Fashioning: From More to Shakespeare’. He simply defined ‘New Historicism’ as a method based on the parallel reading of literary and non-literary texts usually of the same historical period. A few fiction writers used this concept in their works. One among the few is William Darlymple, a Scotland Writer. His approach towards history is different. He is basically a travel writer. He came up with the good exposure to new and innovative views. Most of his books centres round India, Afghanistan, the Middle East, Mughal rule in India, Terrorism in India etc. In...

Later it was coined and developed by the American critic Stephen Greenblatt whose book Renaissance Self-Fashioning from More to Shakespeare and it is usually regarded as its beginning. A simple definition of the New Historicism is that it is a method based on the parallel reading of literary and non-literary texts usually of the same historical period. That is to say, New Historicism refused to privilege the literary text, envisages and practices a mode of study in which literary and non- literary texts are given equal weight and constantly inform or interrogate each other. This new historical perspective is effectively used by the new Scottish writer “William...

To make his literary project more effective, he travelled all over the country , spent four years with Indians, shared the tradition , culture , language and eventually turned himself semi – Indian. His meticulous utilization of resources can be identified in his fiction and non-fiction. One of his historic fictions is ‘White Mughals’. He used the term “White Mughals” to refer to those British men whom he represents as embracing aspects of Mughal life & culture. ‘White Mughals’ is a fascinating and enthralling love story of James Achilles Kirkpatrick, an East India Company resident at the court of Nizam of Hyderabad and Khair-Un-Nissa, daughter of Hyderabad noble family. While narrating the story of their mutual love and respect against the odds, Darlymple covers the pitfalls of academic & traditional history and also the anecdotes of archival resources. It was said by many that to write ‘White Mughals’ Darlymple apparently adopted Hyderabadhi clothes and Hyderabadi methods of living. The text relationship with history is deployed through a series of stories that Dalrymple came across in his four years journey in Hyderabad. His ease in following every historical monuments, important figures and events make him an ideal guide to its past. If Hyderabad does not change, Darlymple can gain physical access to its past through his presence there and can set himself as a guide for the...
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