New Generation Internet

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Running head: The Next Generation Internet

The Next Generation Internet
Pete Castiglione
Business 5620 Current Economic Analysis
Instructor: Greg Gotches
Webster University


I. Preface
II. Brief history of the Internet and where we are today in respect to the Internet III. Defining the Next Generation Internet
IV. The Top Internet Trends for the 21st Century
V. The Impact of the Next Generation Internet on the Economy, Technology and the Global Society a. The Next Generation Internet and Mobile Communications b. Security and Control of the Next Generation Internet c. The Future of TV: The Internet pioneer

d. The emergence of Virtual World
e. The future of the Education: Tomorrow’s world of learning f. The future of the Medical Field Innovations
g. Digital Democracy
h. The Echo Boomers and the Next Generation Internet i. The future of E-Business
VI. Summary

The Next Generation Internet is a major technology shift in the Telecommunications Industry, which we should begin seeing in the global market with in 5 years. This paper describes the implication and outcome scenarios that will be seen in our everyday life. Moreover, it illustrates a broad definition and description of the next Generation Internet and how the technology and the economy will be affected with respect to growth, productivity and prosperity. In addition, the top ten Internet trends of the 21st century are provided, along with a brief description of the Echo-Boomers and how they affect the demand of the “Next Generation Internet”. In summary, included in a paper is a survey study of the Internet growth in the U.S. within the last several years with a comparison to the present day.

The Next Generation Internet
We may be taking the word Internet for granted and have become used to its application, whether performing our everyday tasks, conducting research, communicating via e-mail, using it as an entertainment in respect to on-line gaming, listening to on-line music or simply conducting the on-line business. Some of us may have grown to become status-quo with its applications, well not for too long, between now and 15 years from now the internet is predicted to dramatically change the way we live, learn and do business in an unprecedented way. Our today’s Internet is only a stepping stone to where we are destined to be headed. Our minds need to be expanded and our senses elevated to meet the future of the Internet and its infinite applications, to embrace the inevitable change as we journey into the 21st century global markets and societies. The Internet revolution followed the personal-computer revolution. The Internet was the next logical evolution of innovation change, the next big thing to transform business and society. Just as smarter, faster chips led to computers, faster, smarter, and cheaper computers led to networks. (James Canton, Ph.D., The Extreme Future, 2006 p 64). According to James Canton, Ph.D., CEO and Chairman, Institute for Global Futures, had forecasted the impact of the Internet on business and society as a major new direction, which would accelerate individual powers and choices. He believes that the Internet has been since its origin and is continuing to be the perfection of free minds and free markets at play. He depicted innovation as a chief driver of change. The invention of global networks that formed into markets, opened up new businesses, and created new jobs and wealth. The Internet has helped to initiate the Innovation Economy to emerge, which began transforming every industry—from health care, to manufacturing, to financial services, to life sciences. This has brought fourth the power of radical ideas challenging that status quo and increasing productivity on a massive scale. (p 64). Furthermore, James Canton describes the Top Future Internet Trends...

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