New Generation

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Isaiah Cruz

Ashley Shelton

ENG 111

September 9, 2011

New Generation!

Details is a monthly men’s magazine published by Conde Nast Publications. Founded in 1982, Details magazine’s main attractions are centered for men that like to stay updated on the newest fashion styles. This magazine targets young men of all ages and is devoted to fashion an lifestyles. Details also informs you on social and political issues. There are many reasons why men would want to buy details magazine; books, newspapers, magazines, and many more are here for our entertainment. Details magazine is centered for audiences who have an interest in the latest fashion for men, health, and advertisements related to social lifestyles.

Details magazine can help many men be up to date with the latest styles. The simple fact is that details magazine can inform you with just about anything related to the social aspects for men, their health, or their social lifestyles. The magazine has a variety of things that it can update you on. Most of the advertisements are related to fashion.

An example would be an advertisement related to the popular clothing brand Tommy Hilfiger. Within the ad details a few of their newest clothing lines which are related to business apparel. What’s interesting about some of the ads is that they are more than a page long. The Tommy Hilfiger advertisement described covers a total of two pages front and back. By incorporating ads such as these, there is a grater chance of a consumer to run into the advertisement.

Men who are interested in the urban look would be drawn to buy this magazine. It isn’t entirely just for men-the usual people that would buy this magazine would more than likely live in the cities or islands and looking for a business look. The first page of the magazine contains a sports car, so if a potential customer had an interest in anything automobile-related, it could successfully grab their attention.

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