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New Features of Windows Server 2012

By praveenkalangi Jul 20, 2013 990 Words
Prudvi nanadan reddy muche Praveenkumar kalangi


 Windows Server 2008 R2 Editions  Windows Server 2008 Foundation Edition  Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition (+Hyper-v)  Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition (+Hyper-v)  Windows Web Server 2008  Windows Server 2008 Datacenter Edition (+Hyper-v)

Windows Server 2008 Foundation Edition

 Entry level edition  Designed for the small business  Less expensive  Lacks some advanced features  Does not have full active directory  No hyper-v  Limited number of concurrent connections

Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition

       

The most basic server version on which the other versions are based Designed to meet the everyday needs of small to large businesses Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition (continued) Symmetric multiprocessor (SMP) computer  A multiprocessor computer Hyper-V Clustering Hot-add memory  The ability to add RAM without shutting down the computer or operating system Fault tolerant memory sync  Enables memory to resynchronize after transient memory problems so there is no interruption to current computing activities

Windows Web Server 2008

 Designed for hosting and deploying web services and applications  Supports multiple processors for scalability  Optimized to run microsoft internet information services specifically  Intended for small to large companies, or departments within an organization that develop and deploy a single web site  Cannot be used to manage directory resources via hosting active directory

Windows Server 2008 Datacenter Edition

 Designed for environments with mission-critical applications, very large databases, and information access requiring high availability  Offers support for clustering with up to 16 computers  SMP computers: supports 2 to 64 processors  Enables hot-add memory for increased server availability  Windows server 2008 datacenter edition features  Hot-add processor  Hot-replace processor

Windows Server 2008 R2 Features

 Server manager  Security  Clustering  Enhanced web services  Windows server core  Windows powershell  Virtualization  Reliability  Multitasking and multithreading  Server manager


 Network access protection (NAP)  An umbrella of security protection features that monitor and manage a server and its clients  NAP has the following capabilities:  Identifies clients and other computers on a network that do not comply with the security policies  Limits access by noncompliant computers  Automatically updates or configures a noncompliant computer to match the security policies  Continuously checks throughout the entire network and server connection session

Windows Server 2008 Tools

 Test a cluster to ensure it is set up to accomplish the tasks for which it is intended  Migrate configuration settings from one cluster to another  Quickly configure a cluster and troubleshoot problems  Set up storage used in a cluster  Create better cluster storage performance and reliability  Secure a cluster and enable it to use new network capabilities

 Enhanced web services  Microsoft internet information services (IIS)  Transforms windows server 2008 into a versatile web server

 IIS has been redesigned to:
 Include over 40 modules
 Intended to enable IIS to have a lower attack surface

 Provide easier application of IIS patches  Make it easier for network programmers to write network applications and configure applications for the web


 Windows server core  Windows server core  A minimum server configuration  Designed to function in a fashion similar to traditional UNIX and linux servers  Does not provide the following:  A graphical interface, just a command line  Graphical tools to configure the server  Extra services that you do not need  A mouse pointer on the screen  Windows mail, microsoft word, search windows, and other software  Windows powershell  Windows powershell

Windows PowerShell

 Can perform the following tasks with powershell:  View information about the local computer, including user accounts  Manage services and processes  Lock a computer or log off  Manage IIS web services  Windows PowerShell offers over 130 command-line tools, also called cmdlets

The Hyper-V Capabilities

        Compatible with clustering  Able to handle up to a four-processor SMP computer  Can be used with windows and linux operating systems Reliability The operating system kernel runs in privileged mode Process Protected process Multitasking and multithreading Multitasking Multithreading

Basic Server Roles
 File services role  Print services role  Fax server role  DHCP server role  DNS server role  Web server (IIS) role  Application server role  Active directory domain services role  Windows deployment services role  Hyper-v role

Planning A Windows Server 2008 Networking Model

 Network  Local area network (LAN)  Wide area network (WAN)  Workstation or client network operating system  Peer-to-peer networking  Server-based networking  Workgroup  Server

Features Of Windows Server 2008

 Virtualization  Server core  Iis  Role-based installation  Read only domain controllers (RODC)  Enhanced terminal services  Network access protection  Bit locker  Windows powershell  Better security

Features Of Windows 2012

 New server manager: create, manage server groups  Better edition, SKU selection  A command-line first, gui-second mentality  Hyper-v replication  Expanded powershell capabilities  Storage spaces: flipping complexity on its head  Directaccess: A VPN without the pain of a VPN

Why 2012

 Freedom of interface choice  Server manager  Smb 3.0  Dynamic access control (DAC)  Storage spaces  Hyper-v replica  Improvements to VDI  Direct access without the hassle factor  Simplified licensing

Three New Features

 Dynamic access control  Unified remote access  Server core

New In Windows Server 2012 Active Directory

            

GUI for recycle bin UI for fine-grained password policies Dynamic access control (DAC) Windows powershell history viewer Windows powershell cmdlets for active directory replication and topology Active directory-based activation (ADBA) Flexible authentication secure tunneling (FAST) Virtual snapshot and cloning support ADPREP integrated into DC promotion Active directory federation services (ADFS) now in-box Domain join via directaccess Kerberos constrained delegation (KCD) across domains Group managed service accounts (gmsas)



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