New England vs. Chesapeake Dbq

Topics: Thirteen Colonies, British America, Former British colonies Pages: 3 (1170 words) Published: October 29, 2012
Although the New England and Chesapeake colonies were both settled by a majority of people of the English origin, by the 1700’s the two regions had evolved into two distinct societies based on different patterns of settlement, how religion affected their society, and what they used their personal incomes on. The Northern colonies had a population of mainly large families opposed to the young, single men who settled in the South. There was a very small religious impact on lifestyle in the Chesapeake colonies unlike the large role it played in the life of settlers in the North. In the South, money and income was a man’s main focus. This was very different from the New England colonies where the majority of a man’s money was used to benefit the church and community.

The New England colonies population consisted of mainly large families with usually four to five children. The Chesapeake however was mainly occupied by young, single men and very few women. Lists of Emigrants to New England colonies can be found as written records today showing men, their wives, and their many children who travelled together from Europe to the New World in 1635. In 1636, articles in Massachusetts were created in mutual agreement for families to live together in small towns or communities and to share a common planting ground. The articles also stated that families of all types, whether they are rich or poor will live together and help each other as siblings of God. John Winthrop colonized New England and stressed the importance to “knit together as one man” (A Model of Christian Charity). He also stated that the community would be built as “members of the same body” (A Model of Christian Charity) where everyone worked together to build a strong community under God. Patterns of society in the Chesapeake colonies differed greatly from the New England colonies. Emigrants bound for Virginia, as shown in written records dating back to 1635 were a large majority of young, single men. There...
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