New England And Chesapeake DBQ

Topics: Indentured servant, United States, Slavery Pages: 1 (556 words) Published: May 7, 2015
Jackie Davis
Mr. Vargas
15, September 2014
New England and Chesapeake DBQ
The east coast of North America was settled by Englishmen of the same ethnicity. By 1700 they had developed into two distinct societies, New England and Chesapeake. The New England and Chesapeake colonies were founded for different purposes. New England was founded for religious reasons. In England, Puritans were being persecuted. Separatists broke from Anglican Church, and founded Plymouth. John Whinthrop, the founder and governor of Massachusetts states in Doc. A that their failure would “open the mouths of enemies to speak evil of the ways of God.” People’s main motives were economic, there to “dig gold, wash gold, refine gold, load gold,” as doc. F states. This resulted in competition, rather than bonding, over the settlement. Doc. B reflects that people settled in New England with their families, whereas Doc. C shows that Chesapeake settlers were mostly single men. Chesapeake colonies where founded for economic reasons. Differences in climate where that New England had rocky soil and long winters. That impacted the economy and how farms were organized. Chesapeake had hot summers but fertile land. It was perfect for growing the cash crop, tobacco. Tobacco Influenced the economy and how towns were organized. The climate was appealing to the Chesapeake region large landholders. Especially along the rivers, it was profitable. because it was so profitable, there was mass production of rice and tobacco was possible. New England's climate, however, made the production of staple crops less possible. The climate in New England also made disease spread difficult. Life expectancy was increased, more so for men, in the region. Chesapeake’s climate allowed for the rapid spread of disease. Consequently, life spans were shorter. It was difficult for families to grow. Towards the end of the century, the Chesapeake region made a market of indentured servants and slaves. The large...
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