New Delhi

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Delhi presents a vivid portrait of the cultural riches, the intricacy and dynamism of India. It is the third largest city of India. Chandni Chowk, the heart of Old Delhi, itself is a history lesson. The place still retains the mystic aura of the past, exhibiting some of the best monumental heritage of Delhi. Here the ring of the temple bells, the azan from the Jama Masjid, the sublime Gurubani from the Sisganj Guruduwara and the church bell chime in sync with the cultural and ethnical collage of the place. The maze of narrow galis (lanes) laden with shops, each devoted to specialties, dates back to the time Chandni Chowk made its simmering debut in the moonlight. Old Delhi is a pure gastronomic pleasure .Here time stands still in the ancient monuments. The best way to explore and savor Old Delhi is either by cycle-rickshaw or by foot at leisure. The crowd, the noise, the traffic may repel but Old Delhi is chaotically beautiful. New Delhi, on the other hand, is a paradigm shift from the chaotic semblance of Old Delhi. New Delhi is a graceful embodiment of British charm reflecting Victorian-style architectural grandeur with an ambience of openness. The magnificent Rashtrapati Bhawan, Parliament House, India Gate, the North and South Blocks, the quaint white bungalows with lush gardens around and the commercial hub Connaught Place stand testimony to the minuscule planning that went into creating New Delhi. Today, New Delhi is the seat of the Government of India that houses beautiful government vistas and various administrative buildings .New Delhi is one of the greenest cities in the world. Its meaning is ‘straight from the heart', Delhi is a city where dreams come true and has something for everyone. The climate of Delhi is extreme in nature. Summers can be unbearable with temperatures .The monsoon brings a bit of respite with temperature dropping a few degrees from July to September but tends to be humid. November to end of March is the best time to tour or holiday in Delhi .The history of Delhi is entwined with most historical happenings. This historical city has had always risen from the ravages of time. True to the cosmopolitan essence of the city, Delhi's demographic pattern is an interesting evolution. Being an ancient city Delhi still lingers with the shadows of its past. Delhi is the air, rail and road hub of India. Delhi Transport and travel is organized to the level of most developed countries. The capital city is well connected with the rest of India and the world. Delhi is India's major point for international flights with almost all leading international airlines operating in and out of Indira Gandhi International Airport. Domestic flights from Delhi connects all major destinations of India and one can find readily available local airlines operating in and out of the domestic airport. India's rail network is the largest in the world and Delhi's three major railway stations at New Delhi, Old Delhi, and Nizamuddin are connected. Delhi is well connected to all the major cities of India by a network of highways and roads. Delhi tourism is a palate full of paradoxical delights. There are very few cities in the world that offers travelers, tourists, businessmen, politicians, artists and students everything in one place and Delhi is one of them. To feel the pulse of Delhi, one has to understand the various expressions of Delhi. It's a living museum that has witnessed and experienced time in all its phases. If we consult a tourist map of Delhi you'll notice that most of famous monuments in Delhi are concentrated mainly around the central and southern parts of the city. The Archaeological Survey of India has listed 1300 monuments in the Delhi area. Old Delhi is a mesmerizing place to start your sightseeing in Delhi. The most alluring place in the Old Delhi region is the Red Fort. The fort is a solid example of Mughal architectural grandeur. Chandni Chowk is the nucleus of the Old City. Shah Jahan is said have built Jama...
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