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Topics: Sound, Time, Past Pages: 4 (451 words) Published: April 20, 2012
Module 1 All about you page 6 1 Asking and answering questions Everyday activities People around you Wordspot: have (and have got) Reading and speak.i < ­

we really spend our

T: .,;

Pronunciation: Auxiliary verbs
2 Present simple and continuous

Module 2 Memory page 16

1 Past simple and

Remembering and forgetting


Listening and speaking: ?:._ meetings, A childhood IT:C!"!:.-­ Song: Remember the Om 50·· :

Pronunciation: Past simple -ed endings
2 used to

old Schoolyard
Reading: Ten ways to imp.:; " your memory Vocabulary and writing: Describing towns and cities Reading: The top 100 piau;; :: visit before you die

Module 3 Around the world page 26

1 Comparatives and

2 Phrases for comparing

Pronunciation: Stress and /~/ sounds

Module 4 Life stories page 36

1 Present perfect simple

Pronuniciation: Strong and weak forms of have
2 for, since and ago and Present perfect continuous

Describing life events Positive characteristics Wordspot: take

Reading: Parallel lives

Pronunciation: Linking
Consolidation modules 1-4 pages 46- 47 Module 5 Success page 48 A Questions and auxiliaries B Present and past verb forms C Listening and speaking: Comparing the past with the present 1 Future forms

LJ Speaking: Getting to know E Vocohlllary: Alphabet quiz


Reading and vocabulary:

2 Future clauses with if, when, etc

Have you got what it takes.' Pronunciation: Stressed ~"Y:~- Listening and speaking: Doing something differen: Song: Manic Monday

Module 6 In the media page 60

1 -ed/-ing adjectives

Extreme adjectives

2 The passive

Pronunciation: Word stress

Listening and vocabular: -:­ and radio Reading and vocabularv: News stories

-:-.1sk: Find things in common .-:-eparation: listening :­ ok: speaking _c~l!ow up: writing

Further skills
Writing: E-mail an old ftiend

Study Practise Remember
Study tip: Using English in class Pronunciation...
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