New Communication Strategy

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Research has proved that effective communication alone has a positive effect on customer satisfaction with services. This will, therefore, have a positive impact on future inspection ratings and future progress. Communication is an important tool in driving forward change, both cultural and procedural. The Communication Strategy is separated into two sections; External Communication, and Internal Communication.

Primark is one of the leading retail group of Uk. Primark has almost 200 stores across Ireland, the UK, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Portugal. Primark follows a focused approached on delivering effective communication to their staff, partners, board Members, suppliers and customers. There are a number of ways that Primark can communicate to its customers and employees including: Letters, attending events , website , emails and advertising etc. Their Communication Strategy aims to ensure that Primark communicates in the most effective ways, which will lead to improvements in the way their service is delivered. Responsibility for the strategy lies with the Communication and Media Manager, whose role it is to coordinate the public relations, marketing, website and design functions to ensure they are consistent and effective. Primark is rapidly expanding their network particularly in UK. Primark’s business growth comes from meeting these customer needs whilst continuing to expand stores and move into the market. As a result the administration staff had to spend most of their time dealing with the processing documents so a new communication strategy and needs to be planned and implemented to tackle the appropriate internal and external communication of primark.

TASK 1.1

What do people use communication to do in organizations? They communicate to accomplish professional tasks, certainly. As they do so, they also communicate to manage their interpersonal identities, their roles, as well as the character of their relationships with others (Clark and Delia 1979, Graham et al. 1980.) The communication method practised within primark is mainly paper based communication (Fax, Posts, Memo) which they further transformed into electronic mode (email). These methods of written communication playing a vital role in the whole communication process. The information and awareness sent through posts and emails are fairly effective. The senior management put forward their ideas or changes they want to see in the form of instructions to middle management level and the managers convey the concerned ideas to lower management (supervisors, sales assistants) in the form of tasks and assignments to be completed via post , memo , newsletters and emails. From this, we define internal transparency to be an outcome of communication behaviours within an organization that reflects the degree to which employees have access to the information requisite for their responsibilities. Data took many forms, ranging from the e-mails between project members over the six-month period, operational, financial, and strategic planning company records, website data, working notes from project meetings and presentations. participative problem solving meetings.The communication of primark network is concerned with feelings for self, associates, and work, and is directly related to the organizational goal of employee morale. It is indirectly linked to institutionalization, which involves acceptance of the organization by non-members such as community and governmental units. It is manifested by supportive and self-maintaining behavior that ranges from informal status symbols to highly visible rewards and elements of self- realizationand human fulfilment.

Task 1.2

What do people use various communication media to do in organizations? Answers to this question are somewhat less clear, as research has suggested that computer- mediated communication-electronic mail and computer conferencing-may...

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