New Business Plan for a Gas Station Start Up

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The customer need that will be satisfied is that my gas station will have gasoline, diesel, and a service station to get the repairs or inspections they will need to have. There will be a free air pump, so they can have the option of filling up their tires. I will also have coffee, snacks and different beverages the customer can purchase as well, so they can also fuel up their bodies as well for the ride they are going to make.

The product will be unique by my station having a self service, but also a full service section for customers at no extra cost, but if the customer is getting 5 gallons or less than there will be a slight increase on the price per gallon. I will have two self service gasoline pumps; two full service gasoline pumps that are double sided so that’s make 8 pumps for gasoline. I will have one diesel pump, which the one side will be self service and the other side will be full service. The full service section will have a line on the ground that when they ride over it a bell will ring and the employee will know there is someone waiting to get full service. Along with the full service I will have the employee offer them if they would like their windows to be cleaned, their oil to be checked, and if they would like a beverage or a snack while they are waiting for their fuel. I will also make sure that the pavement is cleaned every day. There will be a canopy to cover the fuel pumps and will make sure there is proper lighting and have some calming music playing while the customer waits.

I will have a great color scheme to my gas station to make it stand out. There will be neon lights that will trim the canopy and pumps, so at night it will make it more appealing to the customer and hopefully will draw them in. I will also offer a card that can be scanned at the pump when they pull up that will have a record of their purchases and for every $100.00 they have spent, not including the service station, I will offer them $.10 off a gallon. This offer can be accumulated over a month, so depending on how much they spend they can accumulate up to getting $.60 off a gallon. Though, this offer is only valid for the month pertaining to the purchases they made, so if they do not use the discount then the next month it will be erased and will start over again.

The customers that will be coming to my gas station are ones with gasoline, diesel, or even hybrid cars and motorcycles that need to be taken care of. There will even be landscaping and other similar customers coming to filling up their small engines. I will also have customers that will be coming for the service station to get repairs or inspections done to their cars. I will not be able to service 18-wheelers though, but they can still get their diesel. I will also not be able to have a mechanic for motorcycles unless he/she has the proper training along with their automotive training.

Their profiles are people who range from the lower upper-class to the middle upper-class. There will be both male and female’s who are coming to the station with their ages being from 18 and up. They’ll be high school and college students along with people who are working and even people who aren’t working that just are getting gas for whatever they are putting the fuel in. “In the town my gas station resides, the population is %54.4 African Americans, %29.6 Caucasian, %8.7 Asian American, %4.3 Hispanic, %2.4 with two or more races, %0.2 native Hawaiian and other Pacific islanders, %0.2 other race, and %0.1 American Indian, which is a total of 2668 thousand residents” (Advameg, Inc, 2011)

These people will be living in the area of my gas station or in the surrounding area of East Lansdowne, PA. They may work in the area at the local stores that surround my gas station. They may work in center city or in the west/south west Philadelphia region. The customer may also work out towards the Springfield mall up Baltimore avenue I may also get people who are going to the gym...

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