New Billing Business Network Proposal

Topics: Microsoft, Internet, Norton Internet Security Pages: 3 (898 words) Published: April 25, 2011
New Billing Business Network Proposal

David Moser

Strayer University

CIS 175- Introduction to Networking

My neighbor comes to me about a small startup billing business, he requires an information technology design specification that will meet a tight budget $5000.00. Included in the business requirements are two workstations, Internet access, one printer, multiple email addresses, basic security, and a maintenance cost ceiling of $200.00 per month. I have made the following proposal to my neighbor to meet his IT needs.

To ensure maximum flexibility and reliability I recommend that the network be configured as a wireless only network. The number of devices is relatively small; two workstations, one printer and one router to protect the private network and provide access to the Internet. The cost to provide a wired network cannot be justified when compared to the relatively low cost of wireless connectivity. In addition, wireless connectivity affords the ability to move the existing network quickly with minimum disruption when the new business expands. Wireless connectivity also expands the business manager’s choices when arranging the locations of the workstations, printer and router rather than being constrained by an existing cabled infrastructure. So for the wireless network I propose the purchase of a Cisco-Linksys WRT320N wireless N router. This device will provide a high performance backbone for the network. In addition, this device also provides firewall services, routing services and wireless N services for all devices on the network. Retail purchase price for this device is $ 99.99U.S from The new business will not have full time IT staff so will require workstations that are configured to minimize maintenance needs. Implications include the need to configure workstations that will meet business requirements for the next 3 years with minimal reconfiguration and maintenance. To meet this requirement I recommend the...

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