New Approach to Advertising

Topics: Advertising, Display advertising, Marketing Pages: 4 (867 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Question 1
To: Alex H (Sales Director)
From: Vincent N (Sales Executive)
Date: 22 September 2012
Subject: Proposal on New Approach to Advertising
For the past 3 years, our product Lion Beer annual sales has dropped about 6%, whereas our competitors have increased market share, 3.2% for Heineken, 1.8% for San Miguel and 1% for Carlsberg. The report from our marketing research team revealed that majority new generation consumers less knowing our product due to our current conventional advertising strategy. Our advertising plans should be changed accordingly to boost our product sales and thus continue to dominant the market in long run.


Shortcomings of the current advertising

Our company advertising methods have not been changed for the last 5 year, by advertising through poster, radio and television commercial. However with the increasing popularity of the Internet, these media has become less efficient in reaching out to our targeted consumers. These advertisements also have a short shelf life and are not cost-effective in the long term. Further some of the Asia countries like Singapore and Malaysia are restricted or prohibited in advertising alcoholic products. Conventional medium are not effective in advertising our products in these countries for the constraints imposed.


How competitors publicize their products

Our competitors advertise through sponsoring the popular sport events like soccer and basketball leagues. When the game plays under live, the product’s information will be conveyed directly or indirectly to the audience through TV commercials or through the players’ jersey printed with their logo. For country with prohibited alcoholic product advertisement, same advertising method will be used. Sponsoring a restaurant, hawker, bar and clubbing place so that their billboard or signboard will be displaced. A designer team will even be engaged to help them to design a creative and attractive...
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