New Age Religion: A Conglomeration of Many Beliefs

Topics: New Age, God, Reincarnation Pages: 2 (369 words) Published: August 15, 2012
New Age Religion:
This term, New Age describes a movement in western culture to explore spiritual matters without the constrains of any set religious doctrine. Known as the "New Age Movement", it contains many of the same elements found throughout different religions. New Age itself is not an actual religion, it is more of a conglomeration of many peoples "private" beliefs. New Age beliefs:

A number of fundamental beliefs are held by many -- but not all -- New Age followers; individuals are encouraged to "shop" for the beliefs and practices that they feel most comfortable with: |[pi|Monism: All that exists is derived from a single source of divine energy. | |c] | | |[pi|Pantheism: All that exists is God; God is all that exists. This leads naturally to the concept of the divinity of the | |c] |individual, that we are all Gods. They do not seek God as revealed in a sacred text or as exists in a remote heaven; | | |they seek God within the self and throughout the entire universe. | |[pi|Panentheism: God is all that exists. God is at once the entire universe, and transcends the universe as well. | |c] | | |[pi|Reincarnation: After death, we are reborn and live another life as a human. This cycle repeats itself many times. This | |c] |belief is similar to the concept of transmigration of the soul in Hinduism. | |[pi|Karma: The good and bad deeds that we do adds and subtracts from our accumulated record, our karma. At the end of our | |c] |life, we are rewarded or punished according to our karma by being reincarnated into either a painful or good new life. | | |This belief is...
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