New Affirmative Action Policies to be Implemented

Topics: Affirmative action, Discrimination, Management Pages: 2 (694 words) Published: January 19, 2013
New Affirmative Action Policies to be Implemented
Shawntel Jean-Batiste
Axia College University of Phoenix Affirmative Action Policies are laws set forth by the government to get companies to give minorities and women equal rights and opportunities in the workforce, education and in society itself. (Kundan Pandey) (2000-2009, 2010). Many businesses, schools have implemented an affirmative action plan into the workforce. It is imperative that the Board of Directors take another look into their previous policies to make sure they have followed all government guidelines concerning equal opportunities of hiring their employees regardless of their race, religion, gender, color, sex, and national origin. (Week 1 reading, Axia College) (2010). In order for the Board of Directors to implement the plan they will have take into concentration that the affirmative action policy will help the many women and other minorities with equal opportunities of the many different positions that are available within the company, (National Organization For Women) (1995-2009) and to see that by doing so this plan of action could help increase the company’s diversity with the different people they hire in their company. They can also ask themselves a few questions. A. What problems are we facing as a company with and without this plan in action? B. Would hiring and keeping women and minorities help our company successes? If they answer yes to any of these questions, then they should enter the plan into action as soon as possible. The only thing that can stand in the way of the board of director’s decision would be if another employee would file a law suit stating they were being discriminated against those who are already part of the affirmative action policy according to Week 1 readings Axia College this is called reverse discrimination. If this occurs the company will need to show proof of their findings of every complaint that has ever been made against them. Being that the company...

References: Affirmative Action Pros and Cons- Kundan Pandey 2000-2009
Human Resource Management- Axia College Week 1 Reading Chapter 3 2010 – Bohlander/ Snell- 2007
The Origins of Affirmative Action- National Organization for Women- 1995-2009
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