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Never Let Me Go essay

By saradanilee Jan 26, 2014 474 Words
Never Let Me Go

Ishiguro's , Never Let me Go, story of adolescence and childhood living , shows how being sheltered from the outside world/society can affect your knowledge , well being, and even personality.Through his main character Kathy, from east England shares her story.

While Kathy was young she grew up with two other people , her friends Tommy and Ruth. They all grew up in the same setting and lifestyle and were sheltered away from the 'real world' . They each had carer's . They were all told and thought to believe (almost brainwashed at that) they were "beautiful, special, and that their well-being was crucial to them and society. Taught to believe what was and wasn't real . Effecting them to understand real life lessons and challenges. Being shadowed from the real life society, makes it harder on them to adjust and go through life knowing who's going to keep them up , and who's going to bring them down. Their childhood adolescence was some what of their only hope of being capable to survive the real world. For example , when Tommy paints an elephant but is frowned upon because it isn't a childish thing to draw. Which by telling him thats wrong, deterred him from expanding his mind and keeping single minded and letting him know you're only supposed to think one way and one way only. As Kathy becomes older (31) and is reunited with Ruth and Tommy, they begin to rebuild their friendship and become the way they were when they were younger. Soon Kathy begins to catch feelings for tommy , as she did when she you her, but this time on a bigger scale , and with more reason. Due to her bringing up she wasn't taught how to 'love' but more of how you're supposed to act towards those of the opposite sex. Being around him now she didn't know how to react. Kathy states to Ruth " i think i'm beginning to like tommy, could help us be together?" Even though Ruth agreed subconsciously she didn't like it because it might ruin the friendship between them all , and she had subtle feelings for him as well. It was also bad for Kathy to ask Ruth for help since they grew up the same way, it would affect her thinking on love and how to fe towards Tommy. I believe that kids should be raised around the real world tiger a feel of how life isn't going to be milk and honey. To help teach good work ethics and know that not everyone is going to take you seriously and everyone's not going to be nice.They're childhood adolescence of trying to be different , but slowly after learning you couldn't , effected they're thinking of later things in life. Learning life lessons is important is what I believe Ishiguro was trying to tell through this story.

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