Never Let Me Go

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Never Let Me Go

I had already watched this movie, but it had been years since then. I knew the subject matter was controversial, and the ending pretty depressing, but I had forgotten how everything would play out exactly. The connection between Kathy and Tommy was undeniable. It made me so angry to see Ruth wedge her way in between them and steal Tommy away from Kathy. Because of her, they were extremely limited in their time spent together. By the time they realized and lived out their love, it was much too late. That was the sad thing. Would it have been better to have never had that love together? Would it have hurt less not to know what it would be like? I think not. I believe even if we are only given a short time with someone truly special, we should be thankful for that time. Ideally, it would last forever. I’ve experienced the same loss Kathy did. I know what it’s like to love someone so completely and purely and then have him taken away. I don’t know if Kathy “completed” on her first donation. I think she might have. Like the other donors who want to “complete” and then do so, I think she probably wanted that. I doubt she would have wanted to go on much longer without the possibility of Tommy. Because even though she hadn’t seen him for years at a time, and she went on with her life, I’m sure she always knew he was out there somewhere. And that gave her the tiniest hope of seeing him again. Once he “completed,” that hope was gone.
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