Never Land

Topics: Earth, Jodi Phillis, Red Eye Records Pages: 1 (282 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Rocco CaivanoCaivano1
Mrs. Hayes
British Literature Period 8
8 April 2013


Far away from any other man, woman, or child lies a quite and suddle place where I can be myself and not worry about society or many of the worlds problems. In the clouds above the earth is where you can find my neverland. Sitting in the comfortable fluff remising on my life not worrying about anything. From the cloud I can look down upon mankind and watch the kindness and the horrors of our people. Once in a while a plane will fly by and I lay down in the cloud and remain undetected. Although many think that being alone in your neverland is boring I enjoy the time alone. With no responsibilities or people telling me what to do I can relax and float on the clouds. No Neverland is alike.

My Neverland is very high up, and without the ability to fly I need the help of a humble dragon that I summon with a whistle. Without hesitation the dragon mystically appears at my back door ready for flight. While I am in my Neverland I typically am just relaxing, but sometimes I decide to Watch T.V. or play video games, so I whistle and tell my dragon exactly what I need. Within minutes the dragon returns with whatever I've asked for. In return for my dragons loyalty I provide him with permission to roam the skies, and bask in refreshens of the clouds. So my parents don't realize I'm gone I pretend that I'm going to a friends house, or I slip away at night, my dragon is guided by the moons light.
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