Never Give Up in Life

Topics: Psychology, Protagonist, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 1 (288 words) Published: April 20, 2006
This book was about a boy named, Phillip who lived in Curraco. There was a war in Curraco and his mom who was prejudice wanted to leave right away. They left on the S.S. Hato and the Germans topedidoed them. Phillip got hit with a board and he became blind. Timothy, a man who was also on the Hato rescued him and took him to an island called Devils Mouth. While on the island they learn new skills to survive. Phillip found ways to get around the island by himself and they learn new things about the island. For example, they heard a riffle shot. Read on to find out what happens next.

I think this book is very interesting because it depicts someone's life during a time of war; it shows how a person can cope in a time of war. I think from reading this book it shows what fighting can do to a person's life. I would share this book with a friend because it was very interesting for me to read about the main character's life during a time of new surroundings. This story talks about racism, war, and trusting one another.

I think the moral of this story is to never give up even if times are hard because in the end there will always be a solution. Another moral of this story is don't judge people based on skin color because they can be the ones that would be your life long friends. If I was in this situation I would put all the differences aside and work together with the person to get to a safer place until we can find others to help us.
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