Never Give Up Education

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Never give up education
Nowadays, it is not easy to find a suitable job for university students. As a result, some cynics say that it is useless to attend a university. I completely disagree with this opinion. I believe our university students would have a bright future. And whatever and whenever, education is always most important and should be never never ignored. In the age of technology, the mechanization has been applied to many industries, and more and more people are fully developed. Consequently, more and more enterprises are able to employ less people to have a high production which results in the decreasing number of job opportunities. And now the proportion of university students is increasing year by year. As a result, it looks that it become harder and harder for university students to find a job. Actually, it is not easy for anyone from any class to find a suitable job. It is one-sided and completely wrong to doubt the importance of higher education just according to the difficulty to find a job. On all counts education is first important and must move on forever. On the one hand, under the international circumstance of fierce competition, to develop productive forces are extremely important, and the excellent persons are the key. As we know, our country is called word factory, which is because in many industries, we couldn’t master the core technology, we can’t choose but to produce. So we need develop our education enterprise to cultivate talents who can invent rather than produce only. On the other hand, in foreign countries, we often can find some warning signs are written in Chinese, which to some degrees indicates that our citizens’ quality needs improving. And improving of citizens’ quality also relies on the education. Besides, in recent years, the perpetrators tend to be younger. And the majority of young perpetrators didn’t get a good education. Therefore, we should never doubt the importance of education and never give...
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