Never Eat Alone

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NeCaroline Madden
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Jonathan Flom
18 March 2013
Never Eat Alone
Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi is extremely applicable to the performing arts business. The book emphasizes on the importance of knowing your own brand, connecting with others, and relating to others on a human level. To be in the acting business, you need to know the package you are going to present yourself with, you need to be able to work well with others, and in the audition room make a human connection, since theatre is all about the emotions and complexities of being human. The author says, “Business is a human enterprise, driven and determined by people.” Those you audition for are just peopling too, looking for a person that they can collaborate with, someone they’d want to be around for the next year, month, weeks, etc. Ferrazzi states that business is all about connecting, sharing resources and knowledge, provide value to others, while increasing your own value. The more people you connect and work with, the more contacts you will have. Someone you audition for or work with could know someone you knew. They remember you, know you are reliable if that person is reliable as well. If you share knowledge that you’ve learned with others about the theatre business, they will remember you for that. “Many people have adapted to these neew times with the belief that it’s still a dog-eat-dog world, where the meanest, baddest dog in the neighborhood wins. But nothing could be further from the truth” Acting is seen as extremely competitive, but I have found so many people who are helping each other. Shenandoah has a community, all alumni of Shenandoah help each other and can put in a good word for each other. While we may all be involved in the same business, we all have our own box, our own brand. Each and every actor has something new and different to bring to the table, we do not have to be viciously competitive with each other. “Each of us is now a brand.” Ferrazzi...
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