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Robbie Shell
Mr. Pletcher
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Neurological Disorder
There are many neurological diseases and disorders that affect the nation’s population. Many go unnoticed while others have severe symptoms. One such disease is a neurological disorder called Huntington’s disease or HD. Huntington’s Disease is a neurological disorder that affects the brain by forming abnormal brain cells that do not function correctly this disease is incurable and how it spreads is unknown. Huntington’s disease has been found in most races and becomes evident in mid to late forties.

Neurologic diseases are disorders that affect the brain, spinal cord or nerves in your body. Damage to your nervous system can cause you to have trouble doing things like moving, speaking, swallowing, breathing or learning. You can also have problems with your memory, senses or mood. Huntington’s Disease is caused by a genetic defect on Chromosome 4. The defect causes a part of your DNA to produce abnormal brain cells killing the good ones in their place. As the gene is passed down the number of repeats tends to get larger. With more and more repeats the patient has a greater chance to develop it earlier. There are two forms of Huntington's Disease. The most common is adult-onset Huntington's disease. Persons with this form usually develop symptoms in their mid-30s and 40s. Huntington's Disease accounts for a small number of cases that begin in childhood or adolescence. Huntington’s disease affects the nerve cells in the brain damaging them, causing various parts of the brain to deteriorate. The disease affects movement and behavior while many simple tasks such as walking, thinking, reasoning and talking are gradually taken to such a point that they eventually become entirely reliant on other people for their care as they become more and more impaired from this disease. If a parent has Huntington's disease, the child has a 50% chance of getting the gene for the disease. And if they...

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