Neu Goals

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New Era University
College of Education
Center of Teacher Training
#9 Central Avenue, New Era, Quezon City

PHILOSOPHY OF EDUCATION: Godliness is the foundation of knowledge. Mission
"The prime purpose of this school is for the glory of God. Let no one teach here anything that will alienate man from God. Let not this school be the battleground of warring students. Let no one destroy the brotherly love that should exist between teachers and students. Above all, let the implementation and fulfillment of God's words be the prevailing atmosphere inside this structure where wisdom dwells."  - Brother Eraňo G. Manalo, Iglesia ni Cristo Executive Minister [1963-2009] Vision:

Goals & Objectives:

CEd Goals & Objectives:
CEd’s Philosophy of Education
(Words & Music by Prof. Joseph William Hollis)
All hail fair New Era forever dear to me
We are proud to sing with cheers and glory
To thee our hopes and dreams run crystal clear
Our faith beneath thy wings will forever be.
Like the rising sun within thy seal
We’ll shine and light the world with brilliancy
The Lord’s command, we’ll obey with zeal
With His grace to Him, all our victory.
Hail to thee! Beloved Alma Mater
With pride we’ll uphold thy name forever
With honor, we’ll march beneath thy banner
Thy golden flame we’ll always remember.
We pledge to thee eternal loyalty
We will win for thee more fame and glory
With fervent prayers to the Almighty
We’ll be united till eternity.
Glory to God the Lord Almighty
And selfless service to humanity!
When I Become a Teacher
Music and Lyrics: Dr. Julie T. Valencia
Arranged by: Bro. Ernesto Q. Galamay Jr.

When I become a teacher
I’ll be a global one
I will love and care for the children
For they are the hope of the land

I’ll respect their rights and freedom
I’ll asses them just and fair
I will teach them skills and concepts
That won’t depart them from God

As an education student
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