Neu Em Khong Phai La Mot Giac Mo

Topics: Machine code, Binary numeral system, Hexadecimal Pages: 1 (309 words) Published: January 29, 2013
CS/ECEn 124, F2012Homework #4MSP430 ISA (Ch 5)MSP430 Micro-architecture (Ch 6)| Name| Section| Score/ 42| Questions:| Answers:|
1. (13 points) Disassemble the following 25 memory words: (Hint: There are 13 instructions. Make up your own labels. Use hexadecimal notation for constants and absolute locations.)0x809c: 83920x809e: 02000x80a0: 20050x80a2: 40B20x80a4: 03E80x80a6: 02000x80a8: E3E20x80aa: 00210x80ac: 93820x80ae: 02020x80b0: 240D0x80b2: D3D20x80b4: 00210x80b6: E0F20x80b8: 00100x80ba: 001D0x80bc: 83920x80be: 02020x80c0: 20050x80c2: C3D20x80c4: 00210x80c6: C0B10x80c8: 00100x80ca: 00000x80cc: 1300| | 2. (6 points) If the value in R4 is 0x0008, what will the value be in R5 after executing the following 5 lines of binary code? What does the binary program do?0100 0100 0000 01010101 0101 0000 01010101 0101 0000 01010101 0100 0000 01010101 0101 0000 0101| | 3. (3 points) When does addition generate an OVERFLOW condition as defined by 2’s complement addition?| | 4. (3 points) What is the difference between PC-relative and register-indexed addressing modes? How are they the same? How do they differ?| | 5. (3 points) Since the MSP430 ISA uses only 1 bit for selecting the destination address mode, how are four destination addressing modes defined?| | 6. (3 points) The MSP430 ISA could define the following instruction as either a 1 word or 2 word instruction. #1,R4| | 7. (3 points) What does the MSP430 do with the following operand?@R2+| | 8. (3 points) Why are output ports on the MSP430 readable? What advantage does this have?| | 9. (2 points) Which MSP430 I/O ports have interrupt capability?| | 10. (3 points) Some computer ISA’s define special instructions for I/O. The MSP430 does not. How then does the MSP430 communicate with I/O devices? What advantage does this have?| |
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