Topics: Rio de Janeiro, Internet, Wide area network Pages: 3 (443 words) Published: April 24, 2006
Design for Telecommunications Network – Week 2
Terri Adams
Sergio Chamberlain
Simon Ponder
Peggy Tiefenthaler
University of Phoenix
NTC410 - Network & Telecommunications Concepts II
Team C
Robert Chow
April 24, 2006

Company Background and Network Design Request

Corporate Headquarters:Los Angeles
Design Centers:Los Angeles, New York, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro
Sales OfficesLondon, Chicago, Miami

Type of Business:
Development of audio and video special affects for entertainment and advertising industry

Business Hours:
24/7 - globally

Network Design Request:
•Constant stream of multimedia traffic between offices – average file size 25MB; file transfers less than 5 seconds •Design centers – average file size 50MB combined audio/video files between workstations; file transfers less than 20 seconds •Intranet servers: New York, London, Tokyo

•All locations:Internet access
Full telephone voice capability with conferencing
Speed dialing to any company location
•Define network in each office
•Define and describe structure of WAN to interconnect offices •Describe types of equipment required
•Explain meeting performance and reliability requirements
•Discuss relevant protocol choices and why for LANs and WANs •Visual top-level network design using Visio/Word

Business Technical Requirements

•Company will need a high level network, probably fiber based in their office, or something that can handle Gigabyte Ethernet. •Between offices, satellite might be considered.
•Company requires average 25 MB multimedia exchanges to take 5 seconds or less, and in the design center the exchange rate for their average file size of 50mb can be no more than 20 seconds. •VOIP might be considered seeing that the company needs good phone connections, for conference calls and such. •Headquarters might need to think about redundancy for their servers to be able to be accessed any time of the day...
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