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During the Program

Student Worksheet 1

What are networks?

1. Describe the purpose of networking computers.

2. Describe the two types of network:
a. LAN

b. WAN

3. List the core business functions of Destra.

4. As a retailer, describe how Destra is different to more traditional retailers.

5. What does Destra's network consist of?

6. What is VPN and what is its purpose?

7. Describe the ‘axiom of three’ in reference to network needs analysis.

8. Why does Destra prefer in-house technical support as opposed to outsourcing?

9. Describe the Destra quality assurance process.

Network Architecture

10. What do we mean by the expression: network architecture?

11. What is the Intranet and what does it do?

12. What is an extranet?

13. How does Destra determine the load balancing needs for its network?

14.Draw a diagram of the basic network structure as used by Destra. Briefly describe each component.

14. Why are backups important?

15. What is meant by the terms active/passive and active/active fall over protection? Give an example of each.

Student Worksheet 2

Network Infrastructure

1. What do we mean by the term network infrastructure?

2. How are decisions made by Destra with regard to developing and maintaining the network infrastructure?

3. What port does HTTP traffic mainly use?

4. Describe the limitations of firewalls.

5. How are power outages and fluctuations accommodated by Destra?

Network Procedures

6. What are network procedures and why are they important?

7. Describe the different types of security scanning software run by Destra.

8. How can...
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